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Healthy Aging

Whether we want to believe it or not, there is a point in our lives when we realize how old we really are getting. Whether our eye sight starts declining, we can’t walk as fast as we used to, or our mind isn’t as keen as it used to be—it is inevitable that this stage of our lives will come and probably be the biggest frustration to deal with! So why not take precautions to age in a healthy manner instead of dealing with dreadful circumstances? According to NIH Senior Health, there are many behaviors we can conduct and habits we can form in order to be proactive later in our years. Exercising, eating healthy, and driving safely, are only a few tips provided by NIH and should definitely be used as a guide to your betterment—I know I will! Make sure to click on the link below and find more advice on how to stay young even when your age says otherwise!

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By: Roshni Jain

It’s getting hot in here! – How To Prevent Heat- Related Stress In The Elderly

Take one step outside, and you will feel the gruesome heat downing on you. With temperatures currently exceeding 80 degrees, it is important to care for the elderly around you! Elders are more prone to heat strokes and heat exhaustion than younger people due to the mere fact that their medications may impair their body’s normal functioning or they are more inclined to chronic medical conditions. Heat strokes, which is when the body heats up (to more than 106 degrees) and is unable to cool down on its own, can cause permanent disabilities—and should therefore be taken care of before it even occurs! Always remember to keep your elderly peers hydrated and in cool conditions. According to Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, there are many signs and symptoms of heat strokes and heat exhaustion (a milder form of heat stress)—such as dizziness, nausea, dry skin (without sweating), paleness, a rapid pulse, and throbbing headaches. If you notice your elder peer with any of these symptoms, make sure to aid them as soon as possible—starting with providing them water, getting them to a cool environment, and cooling off their body in any way manageable. Don’t forget, to call for help whenever needed!

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